Built In Camera Projector

projector camera

OK, here’s the problem with digital cameras and the great photos you have in there.  It’s a beetch to share them in real life —  either have folks look over your shoulder or  pass around the camera (oops, I’m sorry I dropped it.  Don’t worry, that dent wont affect anything).

Sharing them on Flickr is OK if you want to take everyone in front of a computer screen.

The solution …..

a built in projector.  I’d prefer a trigger like thingee, so  I can shoot it against the wall while we’re eating our appetizers (get that sticky hand away from my Nikon).

They have one for cell phones so why not my digital camera?


Email That Stands Out

All email in your inbox looks the same.  How about a way to customize my email address or subject line.  Make the text blink, sparkle, whatever— I’d settle for a different color.

Can someone do this?

Never Needs Cutting Lawn Grass

 never cut lawn grass

I love my lawn but I hate having to mow it all the time.  It’s a pain in the summer when you gotta do it every weekend.

So why not invent a grass that only grows to a maximum height of say 2-3 inches.  You’ll never need to cut it.  It would be great if it was also really green and wouldn’t let weeds grow in it– but that may be asking too much.

Air-Conditioned Street


I was in Miami Beach, Florida this summer and damn, it was freakin’ hot.  And not just the regular hot– but that sweltering, steam room hot– even at night, which really sucks.  And I had this idea– why not air-condition a whole street– or more if you can.  Those business owners would clean up– especially the clubs and restaurants.

How hard can it be?

If you can’t swing an air-conditioned street– just add a bunch of those big fans to blow down the whole block.  Just do something to stop the heat from ruining my shirts.

TV Alarm Clock and Black Screen Timer


Pooka got this idea from Mark GoingLikeSixty:

My wife and I like to fall asleep to TV news (no all news radio
available) so I set the sleep timer and “black” the screen by lowering
brightness. Surprisingly this doesn’t make the screen black so I also
have to reduce the contrast.

So two ideas but similar. Make a sleep setting that makes screen black
and sets timer at same time.

AND, we like to wake up to news too. So why not have an setting that
turns on the TV at the time we choose?

Since I’m wishing… it would be cool to have the TV come on in the
morning with a lower sound level and increase gradually!


Hey Mark, is this what you had in mind for the TV?

Turn Your Laptop into a Movie Projector with a Built-in Projector

Here’s the deal with this idea.  Sometimes you gotta show someone something on your computer.  That means you got practically bump heads to see what’s going on on the screen. And you always end up looking at the screen from an angle and it just sucks because the image is not clear on an angle– must be some pixel thing.

So, why not have a built in projector for your laptop.  So if you gotta show some dude or dudettes the cool stuff on your screen you just blast it on the wall (or their foreheads, for laughs.).  This way everyone can see.  Heck, you can even turn your computer into a movie projector.

Built in projector a laptop computer

Now I got this idea from rb who thought there should be a screen on the other side of your laptop so people can see what you see.  That’s not a bad idea either.  But I kinda like the projector idea better.

Either way, someone invent this and maybe sent me a free one.

Stick On Wireless Back Up Sensor for Your Car


Before you back up into that little kid or bash that pole, it would be nice to have a sensor beep to tell you to stop.  Yeah, the technology exists but what I want is a little stick on thingee that you can slap on.   Maybe magnetized so you can attach it to your license plate (won’t work on the plastic bumpers).

It should be wireless, inexpensive, and easy to attach.  Put them in the check out aisle of the supermarket or Wal-mart.  You’d sell a million of these babies.

I hate backing into stuff.