Turn Your Laptop into a Movie Projector with a Built-in Projector

Here’s the deal with this idea.  Sometimes you gotta show someone something on your computer.  That means you got practically bump heads to see what’s going on on the screen. And you always end up looking at the screen from an angle and it just sucks because the image is not clear on an angle– must be some pixel thing.

So, why not have a built in projector for your laptop.  So if you gotta show some dude or dudettes the cool stuff on your screen you just blast it on the wall (or their foreheads, for laughs.).  This way everyone can see.  Heck, you can even turn your computer into a movie projector.

Built in projector a laptop computer

Now I got this idea from rb who thought there should be a screen on the other side of your laptop so people can see what you see.  That’s not a bad idea either.  But I kinda like the projector idea better.

Either way, someone invent this and maybe sent me a free one.


7 responses to “Turn Your Laptop into a Movie Projector with a Built-in Projector

  1. How about projection from your phone?
    MVIS has the technology and is working with Motorola and other phone makers to make it happen.
    Microvision something or other… if you want to check it out.

  2. That would be neat. I will check it out. Thanks GLS!

  3. Hello, I’ve been thinking the same idea. I present a lot with power point presentations and carrying my laptop and a projector is a hassle. I would really like to invent this, cause I don’t think there are any out there. Any ideas?

  4. Thanks for commenting Love.
    I would start by calling a patent attorney (who specializes in engineering patents) to do a search to see if anyone has a patent on the idea. It may cost you a few hundred dollars.

    If no has tried to patent it, ask the lawyer to suggest an engineer. Being in the field, he or she may know someone trustworthy.
    Offer the engineer a partnership to help patent and market the product.

    Good luck Love. Let pooka know of your progress.

  5. Anantha Padmanabhan

    I have got a product of this kind
    mail me on csapn@hotmail.com for details

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